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What's New in Quark XML Author 4

Usability features to simplify complex XML tasks

Quick Start Templates are custom starter documents that provide guidance to users, reducing and even eliminating the need for training. Guidance can come in the form of custom instructions, examples, placeholders, and other features. Display of guidance text can easily be toggled on and off.

Semantic Tables allow user-defined tags to be displayed as a table, which provides pinpoint information discovery and governance. Semantic tables are particularly useful for financial services, government agencies, and other organisations with a strong reliance on tabular information such as financial statements and comparative reports.

Intelligent Styles replace XML elements with improved Word Styles and can be accessed with a single keystroke. Intelligent Styles understand where the user is in the document and appear only when they make sense. This eliminates the need for authors to scroll through long lists of irrelevant styles to find what they want.

Conditional Previews is a feature of the optional DITA Publishing Module. Conditional Previews provide instant feedback on how documents will appear based on different audiences and different target outputs, including print, Web, and mobile devices.

Enhanced Functionality for DITA

Improved DITA map editing through a simple “table of contents” approach that is intuitive for users. The ability to find and link topics stored in SharePoint through the Word Task pane allows users to easily reuse DITA topics in a map without leaving Microsoft Word.

The DITA Publishing Module is optional. It provides out-of-the-box Microsoft Word integration with the DITA Open Toolkit, letting technical publishers single-source their content to all Open Toolkit output types without leaving Word, and reducing technical complexities and dependency on IT.

Integration with MathType 6 provides MathML equations in line with paragraph text or as standalone figures, so that authors can create and edit equations and formulas in their documents while remaining compatible with the MathML standard.

Expanded Support for Microsoft Office

Simplifies deployment in mixed environments with both Microsoft Office 2007 and 2010 by providing a single installation package.

Adds XML component management for SharePoint, which lets authors easily reuse components by referring to them (instead of copying and pasting them). When a reusable component changes, all documents that refer to that component can be automatically updated.

Supports content integrity within SharePoint with reports that show relationships among components such as where a component has been referenced or what is referenced by a specific component.

Version 4 is compatible with:

  • Microsoft Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013

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What Analysts Are Saying:

"Quark XML Author provides knowledge workers with an easy XML authoring and content contribution tool, to improve productivity and reduce cycle time. The fact that this tool is for the mainstream — and not just for someone who knows XML — makes it that much more powerful, and positions Quark for increased success as a leader in the dynamic publishing market."

— Mukul Krishna, Global Director Digital Media Practice, Frost & Sullivan