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Create XML in Microsoft Word

Quark XML Author is an add-in to Word that lets any Word user create XML content with little or no training. Some organisations have resorted to converting XML to Word format, but a better alternative is to directly create XML in Word. Quark XML Author allows organisations to leverage XML across departments to benefit from the full power of dynamic publishing.

Key features:

DITA Support:
Out-of-the-box, Quark XML Author enables authors to create DITA publications within Word. An optional module enables authors to publish directly from within Word using the DITA Open Toolkit.

XML Support:

  • Easily create XML content in Word that conforms to any
    schema or DITA
  • Structured Product Labeling (SPL), a requirement of the U.S. FDA
  • Pubs-XML v5, a requirement for U.S./NATO intelligence gathering

Authoring efficiency:
Lets writers focus on content rather than formatting, which reduces one-third to one-half of an author's effort.

Information reuse:
Allows authors to reuse the same content in multiple documents, and publish them automatically to print, Web, and other formats.

CMS Integration:
Integrates with Microsoft SharePoint, EMC Documentum, and IBM FileNet Content Manager, allowing the adoption of an enterprise-wide XML strategy and the maximum benefits of dynamic publishing across the organisation.

Quark Publishing Platform Integration:
Allows authors to create information components that feed directly into Quark Publishing Platform, which can automatically combine these components and deliver the content to print, Flash® (SWF), PDF, Web, XML, XHTML, and digital format.

Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 and 2013 Support:
The Quark XML Author add-in supports Microsoft Office 2007-2013. It also provides a single installation package for mixed environments with Microsoft Office 2007, 2010 and 2013.

Optional Modules

  • DITA Publishing Module
  • Structured Product Labeling (SPL) Accelerator
  • U.S./NATO intelligence gathering Accelerator
  • Quark XML Author Adapter for Microsoft SharePoint
  • Quark XML Author Adapter for IBM FileNet Content Manager
  • Quark XML Author Adapter for EMC Documentum

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What Analysts Are Saying:

"Business users use Microsoft Word for authoring and they've been very reluctant to adopt the specialised XML authoring tools that were designed for technical communicators.

At the same time, XML is key to realizing the full power of dynamic publishing. What's needed is a solution that turns Microsoft Word into an XML authoring tool, and that's what Quark XML Author provides."

— Melissa Webster, Program Vice President for Content and Digital Media Technologies IDC