Quark License Administrator

Easily manage your Quark software licenses

How do you make sure your company’s employees have access to the software they need when they need it? With Quark License Administrator (QLA), network administrators no longer have to spend time installing Quark applications and software on every computer, and users don’t have to sit idle while they wait for software to be installed.

QLA software simplifies the installation and maintenance of a Quark application on multiple computers, giving you the flexibility to assign a license to an individual computer, person, or entire group. If you need to accommodate freelancers, contractors, and employees who work on the road, you can provide them with remote license files so they can use Quark applications from remote sites.

Download/Order QLA at no charge:

Whether you are currently using QLA or would like to install it for the first time, you can download the latest version of QLA for free.

Click here to Download QLA License file, QLA 4.5 Server or Client installer