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If you work in a marketing department, you must tap every tool at your disposal to break through hundreds of messages that bombard your target customers every day so that you can get heard. If you're on the advertising agency side, you must find ways to offer more services to your clients — emphasizing your creative expertise — while maintaining a competitive cost structure.

But whether you're on the marketing or agency side, the drawbacks of traditional publishing approaches may be preventing you from achieving success. One of the solutions to these challenges is Web-to-print.

Web-to-print: The Need

Some of the core business challenges marketing departments face include:

  • Generating more revenue with each dollar spent for marketing
  • Providing marketing and sales information faster
  • Personalizing information in order to increase response rates, revenue, and order size
  • Ensuring corporate design consistency across multiple channels and markets
  • Achieving all of this while keeping creation and production costs under control

To meet these business challenges, marketing departments must address
underlying problems:

  1. Single-channel approaches
    Many marketing departments still use traditional marketing tools that restrict the creation of materials to a single type of medium at a time (print or Web or digital devices) — which makes creating materials for multiple channels difficult, time-consuming, and expensive.
  2. Manual processes
    Single-channel tools, which can't be automated, rely on labor-intensive, manual processes for routine marketing tasks, which introduces plenty of room for error.
  3. Brand-compliance policies that create bottlenecks
    Centralized marketing departments have strict processes for creating and reviewing marketing materials to ensure brand integrity. This often requires not just the development of marketing materials by the centralized design and production team, but also revisions or new versions of materials. This slows down the process, and entices field marketing and sales teams to "do their own thing," which dilutes the brand.

Moreover, traditional processes are based on large print runs, which lead to outdated materials and a warehousing nightmare. And in addition to ineffective and costly distribution, using one-size-fits-all marketing material fails to deliver targeted
messages to customers.

Web-to-print: The Solution

To solve these underlying problems, marketing departments can adopt a Web-to-print solution. Web-to-print solutions:

  • Enable field staff to create branded marketing materials using Web-based tools — without the risk of altering core brand elements
  • Reduce review cycles in order to reduce overall production time
  • Enable quick production of small sets of brand-compliant, personalized, and customized marketing materials for small target groups
  • Introduce automation to replace time-consuming manual tasks

Web-to-print for Agencies

Just as marketing departments face core challenges, so do agencies. Agencies are driven by fundamental challenges that include:

  • Executing clients' assignments faster to consistently meet deadlines
  • Ensuring the delivery of compelling, error-free, brand-compliant marketing materials
  • Making it as easy as possible for customers to work with you
  • Improving the efficiency of your agency's operations so that you can offer the most competitive prices for your services

Agencies also can adopt Web-to-print solutions to solve these underlying problems. Web-to-print solutions provide agencies with:

  • A single design tool that allows designers to create compelling, high-impact, creative materials for multiple channels, following clients' brand guidelines
  • A tool that enables your clients to easily revise and customize marketing materials
  • A way to automate the creation and delivery of personalized materials

With these kinds of tools, agencies can enable their clients to:

  • Review, revise, and/or create their own branded marketing materials over the Web
  • Quickly produce small sets of marketing materials
  • Easily create and deliver personalized/customized marketing materials

Quark Web-to-Print System offers marketing departments and agencies tools to overcome these core business challenges and more effectively reach their goals. Learn more about Quark Web-to-Print System.

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