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Quark XML Author and the Pubs-XML Accelerator

The Pubs-XML Accelerator is designed to help analysts incorporate required metadata and tagging into their existing authoring process. The Accelerator eliminates the need for additional downstream processes to meet requirements for analytic products.

Using Quark XML Author, an add-in to Microsoft Word, analysts are prompted to indicate security markings and add document properties. The Accelerator automatically validates the content to expedite the delivery of fully compliant analytic products that are easily discoverable in the Library of National Intelligence and other government messaging systems and portals.

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"My primary focus is helping clients in the government intelligence sector implement effective solutions for creating discoverable content. In my daily work, I rely on Quark XML Author because it's an easy and effective tool that has helped me increase the findability of my client's content by 400 percent."
— North Fork Technical Solutions Contractor for Government Agency


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