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Quark Web-to-Print System

Speed Up Delivery of Brand-compliant Materials
Over the Web

Quark Web-to-Print System™ helps marketing organizations, advertising agencies, marketing communications firms, and print service providers reduce cycle times and production costs in creating personalized marketing materials.

Our solution lets your field offices create marketing materials for multiple media types — print, Web, and digital — while preventing changes that violate your branding and design guidelines. Your internal and external stakeholders start with a template you create, and then edit text and images through our easy-to-use Web applications.

This approach significantly reduces production time and eliminates review cycles. The solution provides:

  • Fast creation of reusable, branded templates for brochures, data sheets, white papers, catalogs, circulars, flyers, Web banner ads, and other materials
  • Centralized management and version control of templates and assets
  • Web-based creation of personalized marketing collateral and catalogues, along with Web-based creation and automated versioning of print ads for magazines and newspapers
  • On-demand Internet- and intranet-based ordering of small sets of customized printed marketing collateral
  • Automation of publishing to print, Web, e-mail, and mobile devices

Benefits for Marketing Departments:

  • Increase response rates to marketing campaigns by more than 20%
  • Increase marketing-driven revenues by 20% or more
  • Increase average order size by more than 15%
  • Significantly reduce cycle times and production costs

Source: InfoTrends, "Trans Meets Promo — is it more than market hype?" 2008

Benefits for Agencies and Marketing
Communications Firms

  • Consistently meet deadlines
  • Reduce creation time for variations of print advertisements by up to 80%
  • Increase customer retention by enabling direct customer interaction in the creation and editing of marketing materials, reducing production time, and eliminating review cycles

Source: InfoTrends, 2009

Benefits for Print Service Providers

  • Increase customer retention
  • Increase revenue by up to 10%
  • Increase your margin by over 5%
  • Increase print volume by up to 10%

Estimates based on productivity improvements and cost savings using a Web-based, on-demand system.

Optional Modules

Variable Data Printing
Automate the production of highly personalized communications with images and text that vary based on thousands of recipients.

Ad Production
Automate the creation of multiple versions of an ad that vary based on the specifications of different publications.

Quark Brand Manager
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"Quark Web-to-Print System allows our designers to create templates, while enabling users with no previous design experience to customize templates for their particular location or business requirements through the Web."
- David Farmer, Founder and CEO, Ad Giants
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