Quark Pubs-XML Accelerator

Meet Directives ICD 208 and 501 through Easy XML Authoring Within Microsoft Word.

Pubs-XML Accelerator is the fourth generation of Quark’s commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) publishing solution for the U.S./NATO intelligence community. Pubs-XML Accelerator plugs into Quark XML Author for Microsoft Word, freeing analysts to focus on creating intelligence in the familiar Microsoft Word environment they use today.

Rather than forcing analysts to use tags and complex XML syntax, Quark XML Author with Pubs-XML Accelerator lets any Microsoft Word user author intelligence content that is discoverable and compliant with the Pubs-XML v6 standard (the Data Encoding Specification for Intelligence Publications).

Because it’s a Word-based COTS publishing solution, analysts have all of the standard Word features — such as commenting and change tracking — along with the added capability of being able to easily create validated XML content that is ready for classification, declassification, handling, and dissemination and delivery to XML, HTML, XHTML, RTF, PDF, and M3 Messaging.

Key features:

Word-based Commercial Off-the-shelf (COTS) Publishing Solution
Quark XML Author with the Pubs-XML Accelerator is an add-in to Word that lets any Word user create XML content with little or no training.

  • With a single mouse click, users can assign metadata to specific content for topical assertions and source citations and easily create document-level metadata.
  • Security markup has never been easier or more controlled. Users can access a quick-pick list when appropriate, or drill down into fully featured security and dissemination dialog boxes. Applying proper security is easy, with built-in guidance for security roll-up and visible portion marks displayed in-line with content.
  • Quark XML Author provides dynamic integration of graphics and imagery, so you can drag and drop media references from a repository into a document. The tool's extensibility interface makes it easy to integrate external data sources for automated population of tables and other content.
  • Quark XML Author offers off-the-shelf integrations with leading content management systems such as Microsoft SharePoint®, EMC® Documentum®, and IBM® FileNet®. These integrations allow analysts to access common features of the CMS directly from within Word, as well as collaboration features that go beyond Word commenting and change-tracking through the use of formal workflows.
  • Multi-level security previews from Word to PDF, RTF, and HTML facilitate multi-platform dissemination of information. In addition, you can configure server-based publishing to these formats and publish to or integrate with Wikis.

Support for Pubs-XML v6

  • New document root structure — Intel Doc now replaces report, article, and analytical packet
  • Support for Atomic Energy dissemination controls
  • Support for Controlled Vocabulary Enumeration (CVE) documents
  • Support for 12/10 CAPCO updates, Information Resource Metadata (IRM), Need to Know (NTK), ISM v5

Productivity and flexibility advancements

  • 206 Sourcing
  • Support for Microsoft Word 2007, 2010 and 2013
  • Increased performance for large documents
  • Integration with MathType and support for MathML and inline equations
  • Support for multiple mixed content types in table cells

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