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QuarkXPress Enterprise Edition

QuarkXPress Enterprise Edition has all the rich design capabilities of QuarkXPress enabling creative departments to develop and publish rich, interactive designs for print, Web, eBooks, smartphones and tablets such as the iPad and Kindle. Using powerful template, design, and collaboration tools, designers can turn even the most elaborate vision into reality, delighting your customers with striking and engaging communications.

This easy-to-use tool works within Quark Publishing Platform so users can:

  • Collaborate in real-time enabling multiple people to work on different aspects of the same page, project or publication at the same time
  • Store, search and retrieve page elements, projects, publications and any creative assets within the Quark Publishing Platform repository
  • Assign, route and track page elements, projects and publications between all members of the creative, review and approval workflows
  • Control versioning of projects and page elements with the option of reverting back to a previous version
  • Synchronize content across multiple projects and layouts
  • Save valuable time by automating output and export to accommodate last-minute content changes
  • Archive and restore projects as well as all of the related assets
  • Add metadata to any stored assets
  • Automate image format conversion

Digital Design & Publishing

QuarkXPress Enterprise Edition contains a complete set of intelligent cross-media design and export features in a single application.

With QuarkXPress:

  • Print designers already have the necessary skill set to be quickly productive and ready to design for digital publishing, interactive and Web content
  • Existing print pieces may be easily converted for multi-media output
  • Content can be synchronized between layouts for print and digital projects as well as for different tablet orientations
  • Color definitions, style sheets, and other organizational specifications may be shared between different types of layouts

Tablet and Mobile Apps

Create the ultimate mobile experience by combining rich design and interactive content then automatically delivering that content to custom tablet and mobile apps for iPad, Android and other devices for either external customers or internal employees and partners.

Companies can develop apps for:

  • Magazines: With specialized single issues or regularly scheduled titles, magazines published to an app can contain audio, video and engaging interactivity
  • Financial Reports: From Fortune 500 companies to local non-profits, organizations can deliver stakeholders financial reports on the iPad
  • Research Reports: Clients receive immediate access at their fingertips to expert analysis, advice and recommendations
  • Product Tours: Products come to life with video, audio and other interactive features
  • Brochures: Go green! Cut back or eliminate paper-based brochures by making them available at their most compelling — on a tablet
  • Sales Tools: Give remote sales teams instant access to sales tools wherever they may be

A History of Great Print Design and Output

Over the past 25 years, millions of designers have used QuarkXPress to produce advertising, brochures, magazines, books, catalogs, newspapers, and more. Of course, the final printed piece has to match what’s on the screen so QuarkXPress provides soft proofing features, comprehensive color management, and support for international color standards. QuarkXPress also includes a built-in preflighting feature that can identify potential output issues early in the design process.

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